ESM-Tools Release 5

Finally, throughout a weird summer and an even weirder fall we managed to get to revision 5 of the ESM-Tools, with some new features and models, but foremost concentrating on stability and reliability. New features:
  • Linking of input files
  • Cleanup of the run directories
  • Virtual environment for simulations
  • –inspect argument for esm_runscripts
  • Message of the day (motd)
  • Runscript update feature
  • Clearer output and better error handling
New models and setups:
  • OpenIFS (by Joakim Kjellsson, Sebastian Wahl, Jan Streffing)
  • NEMO (by Joakim Kjellsson and Sebastian Wahl)
  • FOCI (by Joakim Kjellsson and Sebastian Wahl)
  • FOCIOIFS (by Joakim Kjellsson and Sebastian Wahl)
  • AWIESM 2.2 (PISM+SCOPE) (by Paul Gierz)
  • AWICMMOD (by Nadine Wieters, part of esm-interface implementation)
  • AWICM 3 (by Jan Streffing and Miguel Andrés-Martínez)
For details have a look at the presentation (by Miguel, attached below) as well as the updated documentation.

Best regards,

The ESM-Tools team

Presentation slides: