About us



Development Lead:
  • Dirk Barbi <dirk.barbi@awi.de>
Core development team:
  • Nadine Wieters <nadine.wieters@awi.de>
  • Miguel Andres-Martinez <miguel.andres-martinez@awi.de>
  • Deniz Ural <deniz.ural@awi.de>
  • Paul Gierz <paul.gierz@awi.de>
Project Management:
  • Luisa Cristini <luisa.cristini@awi.de>
Main Contributors:
  • Sara Khosravi <sara.khosravi@awi.de>
  • Fatemeh Chegini <fatemeh.chegini@mpimet.mpg.de>
  • Sebastian Wahl <swahl@geomar.de>
  • Joakim Kjellsson <jkjellsson@geomar.de>
  • Jan Streffing <jan.streffing@awi.de>
Beta Testers:
  • Tido Semmler <tido.semmler@awi.de>
  • Christopher Danek <christopher.danek@awi.de>
  • Christian Stepanek <christian.stepanek@awi.de>


(If you feel that your name should be on this list, but isn’t, please be assured that this is by mistake. Give us a hint and we will change it.)