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ESM-Tools is OpenSource software licensed under a modified GPLv2. You are free to download, use and modify our tools as much as you like, but we kindly ask you to:

  • inform us if you use ESM-Tools for your work
  • commit your changes / adaptations back to our repositories – the tools only exist because an active OpenSource community participates in the development
  • report errors / questions / ideas using the issue tracking system of one of the mirrors listed below
  • cite / acknowledge us in your publications – please cite us like this:
Code Release 4: Dirk Barbi, Paul Gierz, Nadine Wieters, Luisa Cristini, Jan Streffing, Miguel Andrés-Martinez, Joakim Kjellsson, Sebastian Wahl. (2020, May 6). esm-tools/esm_tools: Release 4 (Version v4.0.3). Zenodo. @software{dirk_barbi_2020_3797121,
author = {Dirk Barbi and Paul Gierz and 
Nadine Wieters and Luisa Cristini and
Jan Streffing and Miguel Andrés-Martinez and Joakim Kjellsson and Sebastian Wahl},
title = {esm-tools/esm\_tools: Release 4},
month = may,
year = 2020,
publisher = {Zenodo},
version = {v4.0.3},
doi = {10.5281/zenodo.3797121},
url = {} }
Paper Release 4: …still in revision process… …soon (hopefully)


Find our project on

Group: esm-tools  
Repo: esm_tools.git (Start by cloning this, and use the installer to get the rest of the python packages needed.)
Workshop Material, Slides esm_workshop.git  


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If you want to contribute to the ESM-Tools, please send an e-mail to containing your github account name.


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